Thinking About The American Guild Of Organists? It Might Lead To Job Opportunities!

If you are a musician with a passion for keyboard instruments, you probably are a good piano player, especially if you come from an instrumental or classical background. If on the other hand your musical path was more rock n’ roll or traces its roots to a garage band, then you might be more familiar with synthesizers. Either way, learning one makes it easy to learn another, and even if you’re not on a national tour every summer, you might be wondering if there’s a way to make some money off of your keyboarding skills.

If you’ve been thinking about the American Guild of Organists more and more lately, it might be your subconscious sending you a hint. The organist sector of the musician economy is hurting a bit right now, and that’s creating job opportunities for those willing to look into it.

The situation that’s happening is that churches, houses of worship, and other institutions or establishments that rely on organists for their routine operations are starting to find it harder and harder to place qualified professionals and players. The average age of an organist in America is rising, as many are Baby Boomers. This instrument simply didn’t take with Generation X or Millennials, and as Boomers retire, demand for organists is increasing.

You don’t have to join the American Guild of Organists to make money as one, but the organization has in-depth resources regarding training, qualifications, certifications, and job placement. Playing an organ is not wildly different than piano or a synthesizer, but some training and practice is necessary for playing basic pieces. Still, if you want to make some money with your musical skills and don’t mind working Sunday mornings, it’s worth looking into as a possibility.